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Kayla Ashby is bound by her terrifying past, but what haunts her most is her dreams. Can Kayla’s dreams be real? In her dreams, she can fulfill all her erotic desires; she has no boundaries, and can be anyone or anything she wants. She often finds herself with erotic clothing and using a whip and handcuffs.

Kayla has a problem in real life dealing with her demons but at night, while she is sleeping she is no longer the scared little girl she once was. Are her dreams telling her who she really is? And can she break away from her fears to become that person or will she be forever bound by her past?

Her heart is bound to another. She has loved him from the very beginning, but is she worthy of him and his love? Is it possible to overcome all those thoughts and dreams that hold her back and move on? Can Kayla overcome her abandonment issues and discover what it is like to truly love?

Garrett Winters holds his feelings close to his heart. Keeping his true feelings deep inside, hidden from those who surround him, including the one who he wants nothing more than to capture. Lovers come and go, but no one else comes close to doing what they do for each other their bond is immeasurable.

Will fate bring him to his true love or will he forever be bound to finding his heart? When they cross paths again, can their love overcome or will they both be forever, broken?


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I am 34 years old and writing my first book. I am married to my husband David who is being very supportive of my choice to write a book. {I think he likes the fact that I run ideas off his head.} But he would never tell anyone that. I am blessed to be the mom of a little girl named Sage who is the light of my life. {I call her Olga, and she hates it} I did not give birth to her but I choose her. I am blessed with great friends who have always had my back. I have a lot to learn in this world of writing but, so far I am enjoying the ride. I am always willing to help out anyone who is in need all you have to do is ask. I can be reached anytime on face book And my author page

And of course twitter @authorLayla And I have also entered the blog world

I look forward to you all reading my book. I hope that it sparks something inside of you that says wow

Love Always Layla Stevens


As I am finally outside I can still hear the low beats of the music and I know that I am lost in my own thoughts. I hear the doors open but never look over to see who it is. Like I care because I don’t know anyone but VI and Wyatt and I am sure she is taking Wyatt to Heaven right about now. As I am caught up in my past life, I think to myself I have to keep my past to myself. I have not even told VI everything that happened or the real reason I am back home. I know the horror stories better than anyone “Hell I lived them” VI has questioned me “why I never wear shorts or skirts” I always change the subject because it makes me cry and I am tired of shedding tears for my past. I hate that Fucking foster family the Damn “Stanton’s” One the outside they were the perfect white collar family, had money, and had clout with in this damned city. But when we were home it was far from perfect. The boys or assholes as I call them tortured me in all ways. Wow big flipping deal. They took everything from me. I have the stupid ass scars to prove it. The bastards left me for dead.” Sad thing is I would not even spit on them if they were burning alive in front me, I’d let the bastards burn. I am still lost in my own thoughts, and I never even thought about looking around To see who was out there with me, I know people are around as I can hear muffled conversations and even someone panting like they are having sex out here in the open. I would not doubt it as it is dark enough out here and they would have the privacy. And it is turning me on like there is a damn fire burning on the inside. I have to get some damn relief and fucking soon I think to myself but something still feels off, I still feel as though I am being watched. “I shake my head from right to left to just shake the feeling I have, when all of a sudden I turn my head more to the left and there is he is. Garrett is standing right fucking there staring at me with a look of pure animal lust in his Eyes.” The things I want to do this man, makes my insides tingle. What the hell why am I feeling like this, the next thing I know is I am pushed up against the side wall by the door and the railing that leads to the parking area. “He is kissing me with all his might I am trying to fight him for all of about negative 3 seconds. His hands are going all over my body and I am so stunned by the intrusion that I can’t do anything, my hands are not moving, but my body is betraying me in all aspects. I have a tingling sensation deep down in my deepest part of my core. He is like a fucking itch I can’t scratch. My nipples are so hard they are like diamonds. I can feel the wet spot on my jeans, and all he is doing is kissing me. “I am kissed like I am the last woman alive” I see shooting stars in the back of my eyes. “I feel myself surrender to his kisses.” I want this man so fucking bad but I know I am not worth his time. I never thought I’d see him again much less, Kissing me like there is no tomorrow… “Holy Hell” I think to myself I could die right now and be in heaven, but I have to fight it, because I can’t let him know he is affecting me the way that he is.


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Skater Boy/ My Skater Boy Blog Tour

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Skater Boy Synopsis

For 25 year old attorney, Hindley Hagen, life is all about staying one step ahead of the game. Avoiding surprises and keeping people at a distance is the only way she has to protect herself from the painful scars and shattered memories of her past. When Hindley is offered a new position at her prestigious Austin law firm as sports agent for pro skateboarder, Rory Gregor, she’s ready for the new challenge but completely unprepared for the man who captures her heart. Suddenly, Hindley is thrust into a world where protecting all their secrets could cost her everything; her family, her career, and maybe even her life.

Professional skateboarder and X Games royalty, Rory Gregor knows what it’s like to be at the top. But after two years of bad decisions and one-night-stands, he’s having to make a comeback he never anticipated. Hiring a new agent may be what his team thinks he needs to rebuild his career, but what if it costs him his heart in the process? Just when he thinks he’s posed for a comeback, secrets from his past threaten to ruin his chance for gold and a new love. In a sport where trust means everything, this time… it may not be enough.


My Skater Boy Synopsis

Find out the dramatic conclusion to Book 1 of the X-Treme Boys Series, Skater Boy.

For the first time in her life, Hindley Hagen has something she’s always looked for, unconditional love. As the attorney and sports agent for X Games golden boy, Rory Gregor, she’s worked hard to help him make a comeback in a professional sport that isn’t always so forgiving. This time, he’s won more than just a gold medal, he’s captured her heart. But now, she’s trapped, caught in the snare of a man playing a deadly game. She must choose, protect the one man who’s made her come alive for the first time in her life or risk losing everything she’s worked hard for, including him. To save them both, Hindley must do the unthinkable or face a life without the one thing Rory Gregor has finally given her; hope. But protecting them means her own demons may surface and from that, there is no recovery. Hindley must learn the hard way, in love and life, there is no such thing as a safe secret.

Trust isn’t something that comes naturally to Rory Gregor. Even his own professional achievements as an X Games multi-gold medalist can’t wash away a childhood filled with abuse, which has left him with a lifetime of insecurities and self-loathing. But now, he’s finally found a woman who makes him feel the one thing in life he never thought possible-smart. With Hindley Hagen by his side, he’s skating better than ever, securing deals that could make them both rich. Yet something is off. Just as he gets inside the walls she’s constructed to guard herself, she pulls away again. She’s hiding something. But then, so is he.

As their need to protect one another grows to escalating heights with deadly consequences, will Hindley and Rory finally find the future together they so richly deserve? Or, will they discover the one thing that could destroy them both forever is actually each other? Find out in this exciting conclusion to the first book in the X-Treme Boys Series, Skater Boy.


**** 4 stars **** 

Since you probably already read the synopsis, I’ll just tell you my thoughts in this book, which I was given an ARC for in exchange for an honest review.
This debut novel was surprisingly witty and had great dialogue, very different from other books. Rory is very alpha, and his personality is well defined through his sayings, inner thoughts and quirks. Very possessive, illiterate, insecure, funny, genuine, sexy, and at times vulnerable. Rory is so endearing, at times you want to hug him and smack the snot out of him at at the same time. Hindley is driven, smart and classy. She respects herself and her job. Her constant debate towards her attraction to Rory is hilarious and kind of sweet. She discovers a lot of herself through her sexual encounters with Rory, which is something that stood out to me. Kay Manis also managed to capture the world of X-games/skateboarding beautifully as well (yep, I’m an X-games fan)
It follows the usual structure of the young-adult genre, especially with the male lead being a player with past issues and a hard-working , strong woman as a female lead. Sounds familiar? This made it a 4 star for me.

Review for My Skater Boy
Wow. Where to begin…..
***** 5 stars *****
** I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**
Hilarious, touching, sexy, heart-wrenching, mind-bending and eye-opening.
I really liked the first book in this series, but this second one just blew my mind. It picks up right where Skater Boy left off, and in my opinion, it went over and beyond the first one. This time around, Rory and Hindley are absolutely certain they are completely in love. But as both of their pasts and demons rise to the surface, so do their insecurities, weaknesses and fears. I have to say that the author deviates from the standard ” run away” cliche and actually works with these insecurities (and yes, thoughts of leaving each other to not cause any harm) , and brings the characters closer together and cling to each other. This particular book made me laugh so hard and cry…. The ugly kind of crying. It touches on so many sensitive subjects that I think are so necessary for people to read about. There’s redemption, functional illiteracy, rape drugs, invasion of privacy, self-harm and many others. The scenes that feature these topics, while some don’t go into great detail, are handled and touched upon extremely well. The whole book is written from both Rory’s and Hindley’s POV and perfectly presents what both characters are feeling and how they are affected by each other’s actions. And at the same time and despite everything that goes on in this book ( and that’s a lot), the characters, especially Hindley, are never portrayed as weak. The sex scenes are spectacular as usual , we see a lot of Rory’s dominating, primal and loving side. These character’s relationship found its way to my all time Top 5. They went through hell, both individually and as a couple, and the author presents an alternative to how they get through it is worthy of a standing ovation in itself. No cliches here. I could keep on rambling on, but I think you got the point. It’s a MUST read.


Skater Boy


My Skater Boy



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My Skater Boy Cover

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SKATER BOY (X-Treme Boys Series, Book 1)


Sensing my anxiety, Skater Boy headed toward my bedroom door but I didn’t want him to leave, not yet. I had an overwhelming need to touch him so I reached out and caught him by the arm. His muscles were defined and hard and I held on longer than I should have. His eyes looked down at my hand then back up to me.

“Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for last night. I really appreciate you taking care of me,” I said. I could see him working hard, trying to figure out if I was telling the truth or not. I’d been right about his height. He was tall, over six feet, but my five foot eight stature seemed to match his perfectly.

“Why do I feel like that might have been one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do?” I raised my eyebrows in disbelief, shocked at how well he already knew me. I prided myself on not needing anything from anyone, so words of gratitude from me were few and far between.

“Probably because it was,” I answered, pushing past him and through the door on my way to the bathroom, feeling every bit as vulnerable now that I was fully dressed as I did lying next to him in nothing but my underwear. Somewhere deep inside, I wished I was back there, though, back in bed with him, relishing how beautiful he was.


MY SKATER BOY (X-Treme Boys Series, Book 2)


Today was the day I’d dreaded forever, the day I realized I was the source of Hindley’s pain and anguish. It truly was me I had to protect her from, not all the others threatening to harm her. The only way I could do that now was to leave her alone. I bolted out of the elevator, running to my room as fast as I could, afraid I may actually vomit in the hallway before getting to the bathroom. Losing Hindley wasn’t an option, but the choice wasn’t mine to make. Suddenly, that one realization, the fact I was no longer in control, scared me more than anything I’d ever known.


Meet Kay

Kay Author Pic

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Kay Manis lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, daughter and five pound Chihuahua affectionately named “Tiny.” When not writing or researching you’ll find Kay reading a good book, eating out with friends or napping.

Kay’s biggest goal in writing is to amuse, inspire and entertain. If she’s done that for you then she says she’ll always consider herself a success.



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Borrowed by Delissa Lynn Cover Reveal


Evan Martin was a country boy at heart with big dreams. He grew up in a small town in Utah, playing football since middle school. He thought his future with his girlfriend would be perfect, until she became pregnant and ripped his heart out. Evan decided then he was never going to play football again and he wanted as far away from Utah as possible.
Evan had always wanted to be a lawyer and decided to move to New York City to attend NYU and pursue becoming a criminal lawyer. He never wanted to look back at his past. The past that at one time was his future – his everything.
Evan had plans to go through his college years being a bachelor and playing the field. Little did he know that he would meet Lila Carls and fall madly in love. The only problem was Lila was already in a relationship.
Although Evan knew Lila was in love with another man, that didn’t stop him from stealing her heart as well. He knew he could never have all of her, but he wanted it all. After losing someone very close to him, he decided to act on his feelings he had developed for an attached Lila. Even though Lila had a boyfriend she acted on those feelings as well.
Once Lila breaks his heart after stringing him along and borrowing his love, he thought he would never want or love anyone as much as he did Lila. That was until a friend from his past Tatum Kelley walked back into his life. He had known her all of his life and never once looked at her the way he was now. Would she steal his heart and heal him again?
Years after Lila was married to another man and lived miles away, she walked back into Evan’s life and that one night of love and lust changes everything. Lila has a secret and it could ruin Evan’s future with Tatum or only make it better.


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About The Author

Delisa Lynn grew up in Columbus Ohio and loves Buckeye football. After working in retail photography for sixteen years, she wanted to take a different path and attended college where she received a diploma in Medical Assisting. She married her high school sweetheart, and moved to the Midwest, missing the east coast they decided to move back and are now residing in Western New York with their fur daughter Sophie. Delisa has always had a passion for reading, and has wanted to write her own novel. Delisa loves the outdoors, traveling, shopping and family time. When not writing, you can find her snuggling up with her fur daughter and reading a good book or watching a good movie. Delisa is currently writing Borrowed, a Novella from Evan Martin’s POV. Also look for Embracing Us and Embracing Hearts, all releasing early 2014.


Happy Banned Book Week !!!!

Banned Books week started in 1982 to promote freedom of ideas and literature by a group of authors, avid readers, publishers, editors and librarians. In 2012, the Office of Intellectual Freedom recorded 484 challenges, but the American Library Association says that less than 80% were actually reported.

For this year, these are the top 10 “banned “books being challenged:


“Captain Underpants” (series) by Dav Pilkey

Reasons: Offensive language, unsuited for age group


“The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie

Reasons: Offensive language, racism, sexually explicit, unsuited for age group


“Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher

Reasons: Drugs/alcohol/smoking, sexually explicit, suicide, unsuited for age group


“Fifty Shades of Grey” by E. L. James

Reasons: Offensive language, sexually explicit


“And Tango Makes Three” by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson

Reasons: Homosexuality, unsuited for age group


“The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini

Reasons: Homosexuality, offensive language, religious viewpoint, sexually explicit


“Looking for Alaska” by John Green

Reasons: Offensive language, sexually explicit, unsuited for age group


“Scary Stories” (series) by Alvin Schwartz

Reasons: Unsuited for age group, violence


“The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls

Reasons: Offensive language, sexually explicit


“Beloved” by Toni Morrison

Reasons: Sexually explicit, religious viewpoint, violence


I really think that no book should be banned. Ever. There is a reason why they are written and someone, someplace will make sense of them. We don’t have to agree with everything we read, but that doesn’t mean we have to try and shut down that which we don’t agree with or intimidates our upstanding beliefs and moral values. Personally, I have read a couple of the books on this list, and while they might deviate from what society considers “normal”, they do not offend anybody. I also had a bit of trouble believing there are still people that feel intimidated by new ideas that much that they would feel the need to try to ban these books. I mean , this isn’t the Middle Ages. So, as a personal goal, I’ll try to add these books to my to-read list and hopefully finish before the end of the year. 

For more information, visit

As always, thanks for reading!! 

Wakefield Series by Theresa Margueritte Hewitt

I’ll start with this series because I absolutely adore Theresa’s writing. While I admit I like almost everything I read, her books and the characters in them found a way to steal my heart. The first book in the series is Two Weeks with a Seal. By the way, Chad is heart-wrenchingly sexy in the best way possible without having an over-the-top unrealistic sex life. Rhea is your average country girl. They go through the normal phases of a relationship in two weeks , since he is being shipped out to war again. Miss Theresa’s depiction of military life is very well researched, and the whole range of emotions this couple goes through is astounding. I cried and laughed reading this book, as the writing pulls you through each smile, sigh and tear seamlessly. I forgot to mention this book is currently free in ibooks ( not sure if it as well in Amazon)

The second installment is Coming Home, which is the story of when Chad returns home to Rhea and all of the craziness that comes from leaving Rhea to live her life in Virginia until he can come back. I can’t say much without spoiling , so I’ll just say it is a cliffhanger , make-your-knuckles-go-white, swoon-worthy ride that will not leave you unsatisfied. 

Third in the series is I Never Asked You to Save Me, which is the story of Rhea’s cousin Ellie and Bobby , Chad’s Navy Seal friend, who we meet briefly in the previous books. This book is an absolute gut-twisting, heart-melting read. Ellie has a dark past in the hands of an abusive ex-husband and Bobby is in the Seals. Warning, it does end in a hell of a cliffhanger, although you do need to continue to read the epilogue so you can actually regain your breath, because I guarantee you won’t have any left when you finish with this one. 

I hope you get to read her books, Theresa Margueritte Hewitt does a paranormal romance series as well, which I will review later , and is also working on a viking and a contemporary series which I will try to keep you all updated with, as I am certain will be excellent. 

Here is a link to her Goodreads profile so you can see all her work.


Enjoy and thanks for reading!!

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