Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren

If you’ve loved the Beautiful Bastard series by Christina Lauren, you are going to flip for Beautiful Player. This time the story revolves around Hanna, a workaholic with gigantic crush and no social life. At all. The object of her fantasies? None other than delicious and sexy Will Sumner, Bennett and Max’s ( Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger) best friend. Will has always been a player. Hanna has always felt invisible around him. Until Hanna’s big brother decides it could be fun for her to call up Will and socialize a bit. So she does, just to prove a point to her brother. Right?
Beautiful Player is a super sexy , funny read , in true Christina Lauren style. For some reason, the characters for me had more depth and more complexity in this book than the others, which make it even better. Will and Hanna are great characters, very well developed and so are the rest of the cast that we have all come to love. There is a big amount of angsty misunderstandings, but they don’t dampen the upbeat, fun mood of the book. The sex scenes are really hard-core, so you’ll love them!!
In general, AWESOME read! I think it can go as a stand alone, but the experience will be so much richer if you read the previous installments.


Tease by Missy Johnson

Tease is one of those books with a misleading cover. The story actually has to do with a maleescort, and the whole story is told from his POV. Liam Cooper is a great guy. He’s devoted to his family, loves his nieces and generally keeps to himself and likes things simple. His family thinks he’s an insurance agent with long work hours. Coop, as he is known, is actually a male escort to the rich and famous. He took up the job to pay for his mom’s Alzheimer’s disease treatment. Althiugh he likes his job, he is starting to desire something more intimate, a real relationship. So when his sister invites her life-long and recently divorced best friend Mia, Coop is blown away. You see, Mia was Coop’s first sexual experience and love. So when Mia needs a place to stay, and Coop obliges, how does he try to balance his work and trying to win Mia without her knowing about his job? There’s a lot of back and forth from Coop since he thinks nothing can happen with Mia because of what he does. So when a tragic accident happens, and his face and job title are plastered all over the news…. Is it game over for Coop and his personal life?


New Cover of Siofra’s Song by Theresa M Hewitt


FREE !!!!!!!

This book has a special place in my heart, just like all of this author’s work because it is her first published book and my first paranormal romance read. Needless to say, I fell in love with it. Nothing about this book is the usual for paranormal, I’ve seen. There are many type of creatures, and since I’ll be posting a review later on after I reread, I’ll just say, Theresa managed as always to create an epic world where humans, sexy werebeings, vampires, magic, darkness and faes live together.
Oh yeah, the sex scenes….. Holy Wow….. if you think a sex scene can be intense and good ( no BDSM) , just wait until you read them with beings that a wild animal inside of them….
Fighting scenes? Check .
Really shouldn’t even be free, but it is. So grab it while you can. It’s available on Smashwords

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Brandi Gibson!!!!
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I found some amazing authors this week, so I wanted to tell you about them….

 First, there is Anthony Bryan.

He’s the author of The Suicide Princess, an super-hot erotica novel ( hellooo….. written by a guy. HOW HOT IS THAT?) 

Here’s the link to his book, only $2.99 for Kindle:

Follow him on Facebook:




Next…. and here’s a good one…. Another man writing panty-melting erotica, among other things. His work is intense and VERY good. 



By the way…. Those abs you see ? That’s the author. Just saying. 

Here’s the links to get his work and follow on Facebook: 


Baby Girl I :

Baby Girl II :

Baby Girl 2.5:

Broken People / The Alpha Bet:


And last, but certainly not least…. Danielle Stewart 

She has various books as well, all on her Amazon author page. Here’s the link:

Her Facebook page:


So… there you have it !!! Three authors, long weekends ahead. Some of these are even free!! 

Check them out, and if you have the time to like them on Facebook, tell them Life Between Fiction sent you. 


Have an awesome weekend!!! 



Today, in fact, right now…. I’m giving away an e-copy of Mindy Haig’s Hidden In The Pages and a bookmark courtesy of the author. This little gem was released today, so all you have to do for a chance to win is post a comment below with your email and/or blog page link and I’ll be picking a winner!!! 🙂




Incredible Dreams by SE Felida



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