Podcast Review: Coffee Beak French

Podcast Review: Coffee Break French

I’m not sure if podcasts are still popular or not, but a couple of months ago, I decided to check them out and immediately found this particular one. It called my attention because learning different languages is on my top five on my bucket list. French, of course, being an obvious choice to start with for me, since it resembles spanish, my native language.
This is more of a rave , not a review, because I absolutely fell in love with this podcast. I have been listening to it three times a week for a couple of months now and have actually gotten quite a lot of French vocabulary and fluency in that short period.
The first thing I love about it? FREE!
Each lesson lasts about 20 minutes on average, and is held by Marc, who is the proffesor and Anna, a college student who will be learning French along with you. Every lesson has pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. I listened to other podcasts to compare, and let me tell you, I couldn’t even begin. Coffee Break French is extremely easy to follow, the two hosts are friendly but to the point and there is never a boring moment. Other podcasts were kind of tedious, and the ” friendly chat” seemed forced and not genuine at all. Lessons are broken down by units, and the way they carry the lessons almost eliminates the need to write down and take notes. If you’re having trouble with a certain area, just listen to the lesson again. Everything is clearly pronounced, explained and sometimes even teach you songs. There are many lessons already, since they started in 2008, but these are very easily added to your playlist at your convenience.
Coffee Break French is brought to you by RadioLingua, and if you visit their website http://www.coffeebreakfrench.com or http://www.radiolingua.com, you have the option to download notes for each lesson or buy premium packages for each unit which include notes, transcriptions for each lesson, and vocabulary as well as other review material. This is completely optional and if you don’t hace trouble with languages and want something for free, this is actually not even necessary if you pay attention and practice. If French isn’t your thing, they have other languages in the same course format which you can choose from.
I highly recommend this podcast, whether you are learning from scratch or just refreshing your previous language skills.

Have an awesome day and thanks for reading!!!


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