Review: The Edge of Never

I’d like to start by posting the dedication on this book , because it is by far the simplest and most wonderful one I’ve seen so far.

To lovers and dreamers and anyone who hasn’t truly experienced either


This is officially one of my favorite books right now. This story is about Camryn and Andrew, two people with very different background stories, yet were loolong for the same thing: to live. Camryn went through pretty bad things not only in her love life, with her boyfriend dying ; but also with her family, her brother being in jail and parents recently divorced. She has a falling out with her best friend and decides to just hop on a bus by herself and see where the road takes her, a long lost dream of hers.
Andrew is in big turmoil, heading back home to see his dying father in no particular rush for some very particular reasons. So instead on taking the fastest way home, he decides to take the long way and get on a bus.
On their way across their way across the country, they find themselves finding much more than they expected. Fate? Coincidence? They just know it, deep inside they know they are partners in crime.
This story kept me on the edge of my seat, with very unexpected twists to the plot. At various points in the book , I just had to stop and say a few choice words out loud ( yup, sign #1 of a very good book). True, some parts are a bit unrealistic,( I mean, who goes on the road for months, at 20 years old, without money issues?) but then again, they complemented the story sooo well I didn’t mind at all. Towards the end, I would have NEVER expected what comes up and I just loved that about this book. I found myself laughing a lot and also holding my breath a lot. I am very much pleased with the ending, and am sure many of you will be as well.


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  1. pariscarter12
    Aug 11, 2013 @ 18:55:27

    The plot reminds me of the song, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. This seems like a good book, and coming off reading a pretty bad teen romance… I don’t think I can read anything worse–unless I re-read Beautiful Creatures. You talk about the plot a lot, but can the author write well. How do they handle description and transitions? Nice blog by the way.


    • miriavanessa
      Aug 11, 2013 @ 19:16:20

      Thanks!!! It actually is a very good book, and I know what you mean, I’ve read really bad ones. But they’re not exactly teens. Andrew is 25 and Camryn is 20. The main characters are actually very well developed, the author gives you details slowly , so you get a feeling of getting to know them as they are getting to know each other. The descriptions are not boring , or inconsequential, its not some babbling on. Transitions are also well made, as the story is told from both Camryn and Andrew’s POV, but never in the same chapter, so it’s very easy to follow. And tell me about Beautiful Creatures… I haven’t read that one yet 😉 Thanks for reading!!


  2. pariscarter12
    Aug 11, 2013 @ 19:37:59

    I’ve been reading adult books for about a month now, and I’m finding it a very hard time reverting back to teen books. And the author seems to be talented, I’ll just be adding this one to my too reads list. Beautiful Creatures is written by two different authors, who both lack in talent. Beautiful Creatures has so many cliches, you read the plot line in a few other books. The setting is in a small town in South Carolina… Quick history question wasn’t Sherman’s March to Sea in Georgia from Atlanta to Savannah…Well apparently in this book it happened in South Carolina. The main character is eager to get out of the small town and move on to bigger things. Then a new girl comes and the entire town shuns her because of her uncle. The boy just can’t resits her, and starts to talk to her. The plot, to me, was just mundane and had been done a thousand times. Not to mention how terribly written the novel was, and on top of being such a terrible book and having a mundane plot, the book is so long and filled with nothing. By the end of the story I was left asking myself why I even read the book.


    • miriavanessa
      Aug 11, 2013 @ 19:58:55

      Wow… Yeah, sounds like a familiar plot. I actually don’t read teen books for precisely the same reason. The plots are usually very clichéd and just plain lacking. There are a few exceptions, though.


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